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Quick Details

Slingshot Rental (Metallic Blue/Metallic Red/Metallic Neon) • Holds Up to 2 People

Experience the Ultimate Open-Air Adventure with Our 2023 Polaris SlingShot SL Rental in Hawaii!

  • If you really don’t need a slingshot every day and uses one on special occasions only, then, it is best for you to just rent so you will be saved from the burden of insurance fee, servicing, and MOTS.
  • Hiring a car allows you to take your adventures at your own pace, with no need to be dictated by bus and train times, waiting for the train or bus can be a hassle if your plan doesn’t go smoothly. The car can become an overflow of your adventure and with it always being close by you can store your bits and pieces inside. Renting a car also gives you that comfort to move around; you can dance along with the tune on the radio, talk to each other at a volume that you want, or slouch and be as comfortable as you want.